Two Lifechanging Reads


 Here’s the cruel reality within me: I’m a writer who hates reading. Yep, it’s true. While I love a great story, My urges to read are few and far in between. So, when it comes down to picking up a non-fiction read, you can bet I’ll be at it for quite awhile, assuming I don’t lose interest mid-way through. 


But this time around was very different. I’ve spent the last three months reading and digesting two awesome books written by two phenomenal pastors. “Not A Fan” written by Kyle Idleman, and “The Circle Maker” written by Mark Batterson proved to be insightful, intriguing, tough loving and downright transparent reading. It was virtually impossible for me to read through either one of these two books, in one setting because I found myself constantly setting them down to re-evaluate my life after every chapter.

Pastor Kyle’s, “Not A Fan” challenged me to really consider my relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. His book questioned me.

“Ennis, where does Jesus really fit into your life? Is He actually first and foremost or do you keep His in a small corner until you have a problem that needs resolution? Are you a fan or a follower?”

As if that punch wasn’t enough, pastor Mark’s, “The Circle Maker” called me to seriously consider my prayer life, and how I really felt about prayer in relation to my goals and dreams. 

“Ennis, you have to dream big, pray hard and think long if you want to get God’s attention to make the impossible happen.” 

These two awesome men of God have the type of relationship with the Lord, I seek to grasp. But what’s also important to me, is that they both have obtained the coveted title of successful author for Christ, that I also seek. I highly recommend picking up either one, if not both books. These reads will challenge you to consider your relationship with the Lord, and seriously consider taking that relationship to places you may not have already experienced, spiritually. 

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