Christian Hip Hop’s Age Cap


Bro. E, On The Beat

Golden MicI subscribed to the Wade-O Radio Show podcast a while back, to stay in touch with the latest in Christian Hip Hop music. While there are a plethora of Contemporary Christian music radio and Gospel music radio stations nationwide, American broadcast companies have yet to latch on to the exploding Christian Hip Hop scene, which (as of this writing) is already decades old. Thank God for the internet! Christian Hip Hop is alive, well and thriving, over the not-so underground net stations.

Jesus-glorifying lyrics interwoven between punchlines, spit over trap beats injected with moog basslines and phaser/flanger effected melodies are running rampant across the genre today. And the music is colorblind. You won’t be surprised to hear a seasoned young black Christian rapper—KB—alongside a white Christian PGA golfer—Bubba Watson—spittin’ lyrics for Jesus. Likewise, it’s not unheard of to hear a Contemporary Christian songstress like Kari Jobe lay down…

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