The Hero In Me


Everyone has an inner hero; that imaginary version of yourself, you wish you could be 24 hours a day. Your avatar, if you will. Some people see themselves as righteous Superman. Others see themselves donning the black cape and cowl of the anti-heroic Batman. Still, others see themselves as the witty Spiderman. Heck, some folks envision themselves as the president of the United States.

I tend to lean toward a fantasy fictional character of my own design. My inner hero is vertically challenged, but has the heart of a lion coupled with a fighter’s spirit. Despite his brash demeanor, he is genuinely concerned with the overall positive outcome of a challenge. My hero thrives under pressure and rarely remains idle for a moment. He’s no one you’ve ever heard of before, because I made him myself. He is Chasmi the dwarf warrior.

Chasmi represents the hero I wish I could be, in any situation where courage needs to be second nature. Despite his short size—I mean c’mon; he is a dwarf, after all—he embodies the fortitude of The Man of Steel, with the attitude of the Dark Knight. A descendent from the clans of Ironforge, Chasmi has a deep rooted connection to the dwarven ways of his ancestors. That connection is the very source of his strength, as he constantly seeks to honor his ancestors by his heroic deeds and sense of justice. The lil guy wields dual swords (Truth & Justice) to cut through all obstacles blocking his path. He’s truly fearless.

In reality, my courage is not so obvious. My humanity and flesh more times than not, tend to stutter my sense of heroism. But, every now and again, the Chasmi in me shows up, and I manage to attack a challenge ferociously. Oh, that I might be able to muster that courage at all times, especially where defending the Lord comes into play.

You know what? Sometimes, I think to myself, “What would Chas do in this situation?” Call it childish if you want. Some of my biggest accomplishments were made considering what the little hero inside of me would do in my current situation. So, if you learn anything from this random-thought piece, learn to listen to the hero inside of you, when it comes to facing your fears.

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