I recently asked my kid a question. While I thought it was harmless, it actually turned out to be the catalyst for a great debate.

Why do we celebrate villainy?

Think about it for a minute people: everyone knows the guy pictured above, because he’s just as popular (if not more so) than his anti-hero nemesis—The Batman. People love Spiderman’s nemesis, Venom. Never mind the fact that Eddie Brock’s a roided maniac symbiotically fused to an alien creature, both hell-bent on murdering a teenage boy. Do I even need to mention Darth Vader, and his popularity? Okay, I will. Somehow, the Dark Side of the force is more seductive than the good side. It’s probably the black cape that comes with the Sith mantra.

You know, while I’ve named a few fictitious characters, the examples still shed light on a disturbing fact. People love the bad guy, as long as his form of bad doesn’t invade their personal space. Think of how many kids idolize the neighborhood dope-boy. They think it’s cool to get out into the streets and hustle for illegal gain through genocide, than to actually apply themselves to make an honest living. How many kids aspire to be cops, not for the privilege of upholding the law, but for the right to carry and use a gun? How many people are actually still defending Kwame Kilpatrick despite overwhelming evidence of his wrongdoing while in office, as a major metropolitan mayor?

We love the bad guy! People hate Superman’s boy-scout demeanor. Folks wanted Batman to be rougher, so we have a black-clad Dark Knight. Nerds are shunned until they grow up to become rich men and successful business women. No one respects a pastor until they find themselves in trouble.

I guess…what I’d like to see in my lifetime…is a generation who actually teaches their children to love and respect the good guy. If one good guy inspires two to become good guys…and so on…we might be surprised at what happens to the world we live in. Everything seems so upside down right now.




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