Faith and Patience


There are times when trusting in the Lord to work in my timeframe can be a bit of a challenge for me.  I’m selfish by nature, you see.  I want things to happen when I want them to happen.  That doesn’t work with GOD.  I liken my impatient attiutde towards HIS timeframe, to the relationship between a parent and spoiled child.  When I act up, GOD forces me to wait longer for what I want. I’m treated as the proverbial kid stuck in the time-out corner. 

Patience is sometimes agonizing.

Too often, I’ll crunch out a short story, quickly post it, and then impatiently watch to see when the comments begin to roll in.  These are the times the Lord chooses to teach me the fine art of patience through faith.  It is also during these times, that Satan ramps up his counter activity.  The whispers start.

“Who’s gonna comment on that subject?”
“What if no one likes what I’m trying to say?”
“When is the first comment going to post?”
“Where will I be in life, when my writing finally takes off?”
“Why do I keep doing this, when nothing has happened so far?”
“How am I going to make a living off writing, if no one’s reading my work?”

Satan’s a tricksy trickster.  He plays on my delicate sensibilities; testing my true faith in GOD’s promises.  But through all the fear and doubt the evil one tries to enstill, the Lord keeps me close to him. 

The minute I divert my attention away from my wants and desires (ie. that quick positive comment), and turn my focus on the next project GOD instructs me to undertake, the comments begin to show up.  By the time they show up, they’re not really all that important anymore.  Ever feel that way?

Has GOD ever instructed you to be still and wait patiently on him?  Most times when I do, he blesses me beyond my imagination.   

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